Sometimes I’m really lucky and I get sent a product to try out and show all of you guys! However, I just want to let you all know that even if it’s been sent to me, I’ll still tell you exactly what I think of it and my opinion will be completely honest. If a product has been sent to me, I’ll make it clear throughout the post and put a small note at the end for you.

I am the legal copyright holder of all the material on my blog (written material and photographs) therefore none of the material can be used, reprinted or published without obtaining consent from me.  Please email any requests to

If you’re a company or brand, this blog is definitely PR friendly and please do drop me an email at if you want to send something over or get in touch with me to let me know about your products! Although I’m keen to try everything, I will only feature something on my blog if I feel it is relevant for my readers and, as I said, if I don’t find the product works for me then I will explain that to my readers, or not feature a product at all – of course I will email you this beforehand.

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