MORE Dusty Girls Makeup!

Following on from my last post, today we’re chatting about the next two products from the brand ‘Dusty Girls’. If you want to read a bit more about the brand, or about their mineral foundation and ‘Earth Cream’, check out the last post HERE. Also, for anyone who did read that post, you’ll know my only small flaw with these fab products was the scent of the Earth Cream. Daniella, the lovely marketing coordinator over at Moogoo (parent brand to Dusty Girls), explained that, as I suspected, it is the natural preservative that they use. They made the decision not to cover it up with any fragrances since the cream is designed for sensitive and irritable skin and so, without any added fragrances, it’s far less likely to cause reactions or further irritation. I think this makes complete sense and, as I said in the previous post, the unusual smell disappears a few moments after application anyway. Today’s post will feature their lip shine and gorgeous blush which I sneakily mentioned in my March Favourites HERE.


The Natural Mineral Lip Shine in ‘Argyle Pink’, priced at £9.50, is a beautiful product that gives a very natural shine to the lips. Though I haven’t tried any lip oils, such as the YSL tint-in-oil lip tint, I would guess this is a very similar product, giving both a huge amount of moisture and hint of colour. Having just browsed through the Dusty Girls site, it actually says that it’s made from ‘beautiful oils such as Apricot Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oils’. So I guess I was right?! Like all other Dusty Girls products, it’s not been tested on animals and they use all natural ingredients – perfect for, as they say, a product that you might lick off! It gives a beautiful colour to your lips and feels incredibly moisurising when it’s applied, but, as usually comes with a product like this, the longevity isn’t great. To be honest, I love applying it and, even when it’s worn off, it leaves your lips really soft, so I don’t mind too much!  I would have to say, this is fast becoming my favourite Dusty Girls product and possibly even one of my favourite lip products!



The final Dusty Girls  product I have left to tell you about is the Natural Mineral Blush in the shade ‘Pink Ladies’ which is to ‘ripen your smile with a flush of pink’. Coming in at £15, this is a relatively expensive blush for drugstore-type brands. However, the blush itself is big and I would say that it’s absolutely worth the price. The colour achieved with this blush is nothing like any blush I’ve used before; it’s a highly pigmented burst of natural glow. It does appear to have quite big flecks of glitter in it when it’s in the pan, but as soon as it’s applied you can’t see the bits of glitter and it helps to reflect the light to give you a fresh faced look. I think this blush would look best on fairer skin tones, like my own, though it might work on mid to dark tones too. If you do have darker skin, I would suggest trying the other shade they offer called ‘Golden Delicious’ which is a more of an apricot gold shade.


Overall, I have loved every Dusty Girls product that I’ve tried and I truly think you wouldn’t be disappointed if you gave them a go too! Let me know if you do pick up one of their products as I would love to know what you think about it. In fact, just generally I would love to hear if you ever pick up a product after it has been mentioned here on the blog. Finally, thank you so much to Dusty Girls for sending over the products all the way from Austrailia for me and, in particular, to Daniella for being so wonderful in communicating with me!



Moogoo UK Website:

Dusty Girls UK Website:

*Although Moogoo has kindly sent me these items, all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.

7 thoughts on “MORE Dusty Girls Makeup!

    • The packaging is adorable, right?! I’d recommend anything I’ve tried to you, I’ve loved it all! Thanks so much for you kind comment, you’re always so sweet! Also, just wanted to let you know that I’ve loved watching your videos – it’s so nice to put a voice to you! I’m pretty sure I’ve subscribed, but I’m going to head on over now and make sure! Xx

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      • It’s beautiful Mimi :) Awh you’re so very welcome, always a pleasure catching up on your posts!!! Thank you so so much for the kind compliment… now you can put a nerve strained voice to me lol Well that would just make my day!!! Thanks again lovely & have a wonderful weekend *huge hugs* XXXXX

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        • And yours also, I love taking some time to read through your recent posts! I’ve definitely subscribed now and caught up on your videos – loved you what’s in my bag video. Don’t be silly; you’re voice doesn’t sound nervous at all – you sound really confident in front of the camera! Well done!! Can’t wait for your next video. Have a lovely Sunday! xxx

          Liked by 1 person

          • Awwwh that is so encouraging to read – thank you so much Mimi, I’m so chuffed you like them!! *blushing* Have had a lovely Sunday thank you huni, hope you did too!! *hugs* XXXX

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