Moogoo’s Mineral Make Up – Dusty Girls!

Hey everyone! For today’s post, I’ve got some new goodies to show you which arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. After much intensive trialing, I’ve got some great news!


Firstly though, let’s chat a little about the brand MooGoo and its branch of mineral make-up called Dusty Girls since I’ve done my research and I’m so, completely, over-the-moon happy with the brand and its ethos that I would love to share it with you. Moogoo originates in Australia, though it has recently opened up its own distribution warehouse in the UK and some of their products can be purchased in select stores across the UK. You can also buy any products from their UK website. The main philosophy of MooGoo is to use natural, safe and effective ingredients; you only have to do a quick scroll through their Facebook page to see evidence of this. Though I only tried the make-up line, it seems as if their skincare range gets nothing but showers of compliments from all customers as they solve years of issues for people with problematic skin. After spending a long time on their website and Facebook page, (and I mean a long time – who knew reading through posts on ingredients could be so interesting?), I became aware that this company genuinely do care for their customers and are passionate about creating products which will sort out everybody’s skincare woes. After reading all this, I’m totally going to have to get my hands on some of their skincare products and pronto. Another factor which makes me love this brand even more is their strict cruelty-free policy where they don’t test on any animals, or distribute products with anybody that does. They even jot a sweet little note on the side of their packaging which says ‘Not tested on animals (they’re cute enough without makeup)’ which is the kind of touches that make me fall in love with a brand.


After all that gushing, on to the make-up which I received where you can expect some more praise. To start with, I have to mention how beautifully my products arrived. I can’t imagine they do this for each sale, so I’m absolutely flattered that they went to this effort for me and I couldn’t help but show you all how pretty it looks! However, even without this, the products are packaged in such a cute, creative way. Each item is in its own little card box with a card sleeve, all of which is covered in text explaining about the product. I think it’s really important that you know what you’re putting on your face, and frankly I’m surprised that so few brands do this. One of my favourite quotes featuring on the sides of the base products e.g. mineral foundation and Earth Cream that I have to share with you is ‘CAMPAIGN CAKE FACE! Dusty Girls say no to cake face and yes to natural, healthy skin. Beauty is within but there’s no harm in highlighting our good features. Our number one beauty tip? SMILE!’ I think it’s a lovely touch to add messages like this onto their products and I couldn’t agree more with their tip!

Now, since this post has already crept its way up to almost 600 words, I think I’ll chat about two of the products in the post and then the final two in next week’s post. Perhaps today we could start with the base products: the Natural Mineral Foundation and the Earth Cream.


I don’t think I’ll talk too much in detail about the mineral foundation as quite recently I published a detailed posts of this type of foundation, which you can read HERE. However, as you will know I’m a very recent convert to foundation of the mineral variety (though not sure why I’m talking about it as if it’s an animal…), and so I don’t have a huge amount of experience with them. In my humble, novice opinion I would say this a really good foundation. With a hint of sparkle that doesn’t look like you’re Edward Cullen and with buildable coverage so you can avoid that fine line between ‘man, she looks rough’ and ‘cake face alert’ and hit the, often unattainable, ‘Christ, you’re skin is looking out of this world’, it’s definitely a good candidate for my favourite mineral foundation. There should be a colour for everyone with the ample 9 shade selection, ranging from fair to dark with different shades for different undertones. I selected simply the ‘Fair Mineral’s foundation and I think, on balance, I probably should have chosen one with undertones but I couldn’t make up my mind – anyone else have so much trouble judging their own skin?!



The second product I want to mention it the ‘Earth Cream’ which is natural tinted cream and uses ingredients for acne prone skin such as nigella sativa seed oil. I chose the Light shade and it suits me perfectly, though it is only available in light and medium. This product provides a nice sheer coverage, a little sun protection and claims to sooth skin. It’s a funny consistency; it comes out of the pump very thick and stays in the shape of the pump when put onto the back of your hand. Yet when you smooth it out with your finger it immediately appears far thinner – almost gel like in a way. I tend to apply this with a damp beauty blender to give an even sheerer coverage and a flawless finish, but fingers would work just as well.. The only tiny flaw for me is the smell – not truly unpleasant and it’s clear that it’s a very natural scent, but it’s just not my cup of tea. However, this doesn’t put me off using the product and I’m absolutely obsessed with this cream now, and always choose it over any of my other tinted moisturisers and BB creams.


I hope you enjoyed today’s review and look forward to checking out part two next week where it’ll feature a gorgeous blush and a ‘lip shine’ which I think has hopped right on the bandwagon for the newly popular lip oils!



Moogoo UK Website:

Dusty Girls UK Website:

*Although Moogoo has kindly sent me these items, all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.

9 thoughts on “Moogoo’s Mineral Make Up – Dusty Girls!

  1. Fantastic review Mimi – loved reading it, these products look so lovely – the packaging is adorable :) Shame about the smell on the tinted cream as scent is a HUGE deal breaker for me *rolls eyes* lol However I’d over look it for this – definitely checking out the website :) Karen x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Karen – you’re so sweet! I know, isn’t it just? They have little notes all over them and inside and I think it’s such a great idea and it completely lets you know about the brand and product. Yeah, smell’s usually a big one for me too and, although I’m not a fan of the smell when I put it onto my hand/in application, as soon as it’s on you can’t smell it at all – I’d definitely say it’s worth it. I would completely recommend having a look. Perhaps wait until next’s weeks post before purchasing anything since I really love their blusher – it’s probably my favourite of the bunch! Thanks for your comment Karen, hope you’re well. I’m going to head over to Confetti and Curves and have a catch up now! x

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      • So welcome huni :) Awwh that sounds so cute!!! Oh that’s great news re smell, so glad it disappears – makes a huge difference than smelling something not so pleasant whilst it’s on lol I sure will, that way I’ll get a good review of all your goodies!!! hehe XXX

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    • Only recently have they become available in the UK. I don’t know where you’re from, but if it’s not Australia then I’m not surprised! I do get the impression they are a little popular in Australia though. Everything they make is cute – the packaging it one of my favourite parts of the products! I would definitely recommend keeping your eyes peeled! x


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