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Hi all, how are you? I’ve been super busy recently both with school work and revision; I’d make my excuses that that’s the reason I haven’t posted this week, but I’d be lying.  I’ve become addicted to the legal drama series called The Good Wife on Netflix – any of you seen it? I’m absolutely obsessed! I watched Suits recently, which you will have known if you follow me on twitter @beautyandmi (nice little plug there, eh?), and that’s another legal drama – though possibly a little more light-hearted, and enjoyed it so much. However, I was absolutely gutted that they only have two seasons on Netflix! I might have to purchase the DVDs of the next seasons. Anyway, enough of my rambling! I thought it might be interesting to have a quick chat about beauty products for the older women for today’s Five Minute Fix. I’m by no means an expert; I just thought I’d pool together some of my own advice and tips that I’ve heard about how to look beautiful whatever your age. It would also be fab if you could leave your own hints in the comments!


To start with, I feel it only makes sense to talk first about how to prepare the skin for make-up, and how best to look after your skin in order to age beautifully. My first suggestion is a face oil – definitely one to try if you feel your skin is looking a little dull and dry. This will instantly give you a more hydrated, youthful complexion and add brightness to your face. Some good ones to try are the Origins Youth-Renewing Face Oil, the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or, for a more affordable option, the Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil.  An anti-ageing cream or serum is an obvious thing to try and, now that technology has moved on some way, many of them supposedly genuinely do help with anti-wrinkles, uplifting skin and regaining a youthful glow – try Clinque’s Smart Custom Serum, I’ve heard good things! Another type of product that’s very beneficial for the mature skin is pore fillers such as balms and milks. These will plug pores with harmless silicone to create a smoother base for make-up, which is something especially useful if a few fine lines are coming into play. Try any kind of primer or pore refining products to see what suits you.


Moving on to make-up, I have a few tips which I don’t intend to go into detail on since I’m sure you could find more professional advice elsewhere, but I thought I’d give some simple nuggets of information to help guide you in the right direction. Firstly, don’t avoid foundation like the plague just because you feel you’re skin’s got a little older – try out a new one, perhaps a more moisturising formula. Secondly, I would suggest steering clear of ultra shimmery shadows on the eyes as this will accentuate any dryness you have. A little shimmer is a nice touch, but don’t go overboard. Try out some more matte shadows and see what you think. Lips are often found to be thinner as you age; here, using a lip liner will work wonders to define your natural lip line (which can often appear slightly blurred as you age)  and then, perhaps after a touch of colour with some lipstick, add a slick of gloss to instantly plump your lips to give them a fuller look. My final tip to share with you is cream products. As your skin gets older, often it feels and appears dryer so cream products will help your skin to appear less dry. By popping on a cream blush, rather than a powder, it will add a pop of colour to your skin whilst appearing very natural.


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and for any of my slightly older readers, I hope you’ve found this helpful!



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