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It’s one of those days when I sit down to write my Sunday post and my mind goes blank. I stand in my room and pick up product after product hoping that something jumps out at me for a post. Nada. So I thought, instead of apologising profusely on Twitter (@beautyandmi) and hoping everyone forgives me for the lack of post, why not celebrate the creative and organised bunch that have been busy publishing away on their blogs this week? Here’s a small collection of the many posts I’ve read and loved this week:


Catherine from You Wish You has been posting some great content all week including her HD Brow Experience, some healthy snacks and a sweet post on 10 reasons to smile. However, the post I was most interest in was her ‘Splurge or Save? Shimmer Bricks’ post; from the title you can immediately tell that it’s going to be a dupe post and a fab one it was. I’ve heard so much hype surrounding the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks that any other brand’s with similar products, like the Revlon Highlighting Palette she mentions, seem to have been brushed under the carpet a little. With the help of her post, it’s nice to know that in this instance you really do get what you pay for. Something that is perhaps true in a lot more aspects than we would all like?!IMG_0627edited

I’m always up for having a read about any kind of MAC lipsticks, so it was lovely to have a read of Lily’s post on Pint Sized Beauty all about MAC’s Brave. She gives us a detailed, but quick run-down of the lipstick with her own personal feelings on it. I much prefer this style of post instead of a generic description of a product. She’s got me convinced I need to get my hands on this gorgeous shade!

britton loves beauty bbloggers sleek makeup new launches spring ss15 eyeshadow palette i-quad march release 5

Keeping up to date on what’s new in the beauty world is always a challenge. New products are always coming out – though, no complaining here! That’s why it’s so helpful that Lauren has put together a post on all the Sleek releases for SS15 on her blog Britton Loves. It looks like Sleek’s bringing out some fab products for this season. I’m particularly loving the i-Quads, especially the palette named Moroccan Myrrh which is a gorgeous mix of browns. Although maybe this isn’t that spring-y?!


Pampering is definitely one of my favourite things to do so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one post I loved reading this week was ‘Be a Pamper Princess’ by Jemma up on her blog Dorkface. Another reason this post ticked all the boxes for me is because all the products she mentions are from my one and only Soap & Glory – ahhhh!

skincare dry skin

Up on Ellis Tuesday this week was a brilliant, detailed post with Ellis’ recommendations on products for keeping your skin hydrated which is super helpful for someone like me with dry and dehydrated skin. She really shows some fab products, and many from brands that I haven’t tried before – I’ll definitely have to check them out soon!

I hope this has given you a few things to read tonight and throughout this week – sorry I didn’t have a ‘normal’ post from me today – expect some exciting things in the coming weeks though!



P.S. Don’t forget to leave me a comment with your posts from this week and the posts you’ve been enjoying! Just click on the little ‘+’ or number in a bubble just underneath the post!

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