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Hey! I’ve got just a few products I’ve been loving this month so I thought I pool them together for the Five Minute Fix post for you today. I’m so sorry I missed this week’s mid-week post – yes, I do have some sort of schedule that I may, or may not, be good at sticking too! It’s been a busy one; it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things after half-term, especially when it felt too short!DSC07206


Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily – Sensitive Eyes Instant Cleanser

  • The first product I wanted to fill you in on is the Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily – Sensitive Eyes Instant Cleanser. ‘Non-oily’ is certainly isn’t! I don’t believe I’ve ever used a more oily product than this – I think, perhaps, someone got a little confused when naming this. When I first tried this, I actually didn’t get along with it that well. The oiliness put me off and I found that I spilled a lot of product when trying to tip it onto a cotton pad due to the screw-top lid. Probably just me being clumsy, but I was reticent to use it again all the same. Maybe this is just a feature of the sample size bottle? However, I persisted and eventually found the perfect way to use this product – a cotton bud/ear bud/cotton swab/q-tip. By dipping the bud into the liquid, the perfect amount of product can be easily used to remove any stubborn eyeliner and mascara. It also works so well because you can roll the swab through your eyelashes to make sure you get rid of all traces of mascara and the use the other (dry) end to wipe away the excess oiliness. Since it’s quite an oily cleanser, I would probably recommend to steer clear of this if you have naturally oily skin – for dry skin it works a treat.
  • The full-size bottle is around the £20 mark, depending where you get it.


Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel in Dark Brown

  • Another product I’ve gelled with this month (get the pun?), is the Rimmel Brow This Way eyebrow gel. Previously, I tended to use the Soap & Glory Archery brow tool and a clear mascara to fix my eyebrows in place. I never really make a massive fuss of my brows; I can’t fill them in fully since I find it far too dramatic for my face. A coloured brow gel seemed the perfect solution. I debated between the different brands and ended up picking up this one. Although, on reflection I kinda wish I’d chosen the Maybelline Brow Drama gel because since buying the Rimmel one, I’ve heard lots of good things for the Brow Drama product. However, the Brow This Way does the trick and I can’t believe I’d never tried a proper brow gel before – I’m sold! The dark brown shade is perfect for my brows, but the applicator (like a mini mascara wand) is a bit big and chunky for my heavy hand and I could do with much finer bristles, or a thinner brush. Due to this, I also have found that it picks up far too much product for what I would ideally like, and so I’ve ended up trying to get as much off onto the bottle, and then wiping the wand along a tissue before I use it – what a waste of so much product! I can handle this, since it’s a very cheap product, but I do think this is a huge flaw! Saying this, it still appears in my Feb faves as I’m enjoying using it and it’s definitely persuaded me to keep using a coloured brow gel.
  • Coming from Rimmel, this product is a very affordable £3.99 – no excuses to have unruly brows now!


Topshop Kohl Black Eyeliner

  • I don’t have that much to say about this eyeliner, except it’s proved me well since I got it and it’s got a good staying power. I’ve been loving using this for my upper waterline this month!
  • For £4.00, it’s a reasonable price for a good, drugstore (I guess?) eyeliner – if you’re looking for a new one I’d recommend giving this a whirl.


Kiko Super Gloss in 116 and SMART Lip Pencil in 712 Rose Mauve

  • Holy crap, guys. I’ve created something magical. Did any of you have a read of my recent post Layered Lip Looks? I made a new – and I think it’s the best yet! I picked up the Kiko Lip Pencil a few weeks ago and absolutely fell head over heels for it. It’s a beautiful matte, mauve-y pink with slightly brown undertones. It’s a definitely Kylie Jenner shade, thus it also could be considered a dupe for MAC’s Soar. I have mixed opinions of a matte lip on me, so when I applied this all over my lips one day I was unsure. I was in quite a rush so just grabbed any lipgloss near me to swipe over the top. Surprisingly, I absolutely loved the unexpected combo of the relatively dark, mauve lip pencil with a glittery, peachy-pink gloss! What do you think of the two together?
  • With the lip gloss coming in at £4.90 and the pencil at a fab £2.50, this gorge look can be pulled together for a great price of £7.40! I definitely think it’s worth it!
PicMonkey Collage

Apologies for the poor quality photo and dry lips! Vaseline, here I come!

What have you been enjoying this month? And have I tempted you with any of my faves? I hope you have a great week!



P.S. I STILL need you help to find me the last shade of my MAC quad – what do you recommend?

6 thoughts on “February Faves | 5MF

    • It’s slowly becoming mine too! I’m really not a fan of the oiliness – do you find it oily too? Even though it’s got ‘non oily’ in the name?! x

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      • Yeah I agree – it is quite oily, but I use this on my eyes and use my Micellar Water for the rest of my face, and I lightly swipe over my eyes with this and it removes the oiliness xxx


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