One Spot Remaining & 2000 Followers! | 5MF

What the even heck. Last week this little beauty blog hit an unbelievable 2000 followers! I know it’s not just about the numbers, but I’m so proud that we’ve reached such a milestone. Thank you to everybody that reads, likes, comments and follows Mimi’s Beauty!

Onwards to today’s post where I really need your help.


Clockwise from top left: All That Glitters, Sable, Cranberry

My MAC quad is almost full; I have one spot remaining and I want your help to fill it. There are so many MAC shades that would pair beautifully with the three that I already have which is why I would love some advice on what your favourite shades are. The three shades I currently have are All That Glitters, Sable and Cranberry. All three are your classic MAC shades that everyone needs to have. I chose these because they are, genuinely, my favourite three colours that I have seen and tried in MAC, but also I feel that they are very wearable shades – which is definitely what I’m looking for!DSC07139

Every time I’ve been into MAC recently I’ve browsed their shadows and always hoped one would stand out to me, but since there are so many I get a little overwhelmed and can’t make up my mind! Hopefully it’s not just me who finds this?! I’m really open to ideas since I sway between going for a gorgeous, highlight shade like Phloof!, Shroom and Vanilla or a sultry, dark, matte shade like Espresso or Wedge. I’ve also checked out shades like Naked Lunch, which I love and I’m keen to try creamy, soft shades like Brule. HELP! Do you see what I mean?! I don’t yet want to start a bigger palette, but I’m really having trouble whittling it down to just one, perfect shade. Any advice and comments would be much appreciated – pop them in the discussion below or tweet me @beautyandmi with your ideas! I can’t wait to hear what shades you love and hopefully make my decision. Rest assured, you’ll know when I do!



P.S. On the note of GORGEOUS eye shadows, why don’t you have a look at some of the shades I’ve already got in my Lorac Pro Palette – Here’s the link to the post.  

12 thoughts on “One Spot Remaining & 2000 Followers! | 5MF

    • I’ve seen woodwinked and loved it! I’ve heard of the others but I don’t think I’ve swatched them yet – will have to check them out next time I pop into MAC! And thank you – I’m so happy! Thanks for reading x

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    • Ah thank you!! You’ve made my day:’) too kind! That’s okay- I’m sure others will help me out! How are you surviving with no mac store:o Hopefully you’ll get one soon! x


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