Beauty and the Sleep

Hiya all! How are you? For today’s post we’re going to be chatting about that all important beauty sleep and how to make the most of it.DSC07175

Being in full-time education, I know what it’s like to have to wake up really early, work hard all day, get home to more work, go to sleep and then do it all over again the next day. I feel you. Getting the best sleep possible is absolutely integral to having a positive and happy lifestyle and feeling fresh every morning, which is why it seemed very fitting to post about this when House of Fraser contacted me about the infographic they’ve put together with some brilliant tips on ways to getting the best out of every night’s sleep! Here’s the photo of information they’ve created and I thought I’d chat about a few of these and add some of my own tips and tricks.

Beauty and the Sleep

  1. Pillows – I feel like pillows are something that slip your mind a little bit. I would never really take much thought into my pillow cases, apart from whether they have Harry Styles’ face on them look pretty. However, there are actually SO many benefits to sleeping on a silk pillow and so I thought I would quickly form a list below instead of rambling on for ages:
    • It’s good for your hair. How, you ask? Hair can slide over the silk, unlike cotton, and so doesn’t get caught/pulled out or cause breakage.
    • Silk has a much lower absorbency rate and so will not take away the moisture in your skin, nor your beautiful moisturisers and night serums which you religiously apply.
    • They’re hypoallergenic – you think I’m crazy, I know. But the small, silk threads mean there isn’t much space for any dust etc. to irritate our skin and eyes.
    • They’re anti-ageing. Okay, so now you think I’ve gone mad. But these truly do have anti-ageing properties – they even contain natural proteins which counter the effects of ageing.
    • Check out these silk pillows now you’ve heard all the benefits! 
  2. Make-up – this is a given. We’ve all heard time and time again that we must remove our make-up before we go to bed, so I’ll hold the lecture – but it is really important! I recommend using a micellar water or a cleanser to remove your make-up, I personally love the well-known Garnier Micellar Water. For that stubborn eye make-up I find the Rimmel Just Let It Go eye make-up remover works a treat.
  3. Hair – Some people, I know, couldn’t go to sleep with damp hair, but I do it most times when I wash my hair since I usually do it in the evenings. Make sure you’ve towel-dried your hair well, and left it to dry a little before you lay your head on the pillow. I tend to brush it wet and then leave it whilst I do my night skincare routine and grab a hot chocolate. This way, by the time I lay down for bed, it’s almost dry and there isn’t much excess water going onto the pillow. The tip House of Fraser have given to plait your hair before you sleep is a great idea, whether your hair is wet or dry. It’s such a quick and easy way to guarantee you’ll wake up with hair pretty much ready to go the next morning.
  4. Bra or not to Bra? – Totally up to you whether you sleep in a bra or not, but as House of Fraser say, it’s essential that it’s comfortable. Personally, I would recommend not sleeping in a bra since I think you’ll get a better night’s sleep, but if you do then I would suggest ensuring that the bra isn’t underwired as this won’t be as comfortable and could hurt in the night.
  5. The Bed itself – To combine a few of the points in the photo, having the right bed for you is essential. Make sure you’re comfortable with your mattress and feel happy where your bed’s placed in your room – I much prefer mine now it’s the far corner from the door, whereas I used to be behind the door! Regularly wash your sheets and change them up every now and then to give your room a new look; it’s such a simple and cheap way to recreate your room. Here are some lovely sheets to give you some ideas. DSC07163
  6. Scents – find your perfect nighttime scent. I think for when you’re about to sleep in a room, you don’t want anything too sweet and sickly, nor too florally which might be too overpowering. I switch between simple vanilla candles, or my Yankee in the scent Pink Sands. Lighting a candle is so relaxing and a great way to settle down ready to sleep. One point to mention though, make sure you either have a window open when you blow out your candle, or blow it out a little before you actually want to sleep since I find the smoke from extinguishing the candle can cause me to cough when I’m trying to sleep!
  7. Pre-bed rituals – To relax yourself and allow you to feel ready for some beauty sleep, perhaps apply a face mask in the evening. This would allow your skin to feel clean and be able to breathe through the night. I also like to apply some Vaseline, or any other product similar, onto my lips before I sleep so I wake up with soft lips! It also helps that I won’t be eating or drinking meaning that the Vaseline will stay on my lips for long enough to work.


I hope this post has given you some things to think about before you slide into bed tonight! And thank you to House of Fraser for collaborating with me on this post!



*Although this post is in collaboration with House of Fraser, all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.

16 thoughts on “Beauty and the Sleep

    • Ahaha me too! It’s the best feeling settling down to sleep – especially after you’ve had a busy day! Thanks, do you have any tips of your own? x


    • Thanks for reading Jo! You’ll have a great nights sleep tonight if you follow some of the tips! I haven’t actually used it yet, but it smells amazing! X


  1. MY sleeping pattern has been really bad recently, definitely going to take inconsideration some of these tips. But I definitely found sleeping without my bra is so much than sleeping with a bra, I can’t believe i was doing that so long.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes – it’s so annoying when you get into a bad pattern! Hopefully some of these will help you. Rarely do I sleep in a bra, but when I do, I definitely notice it isn’t as comfortable! x


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