Okay, so I’m a dry shampoo addict… | 5MF

Here I am admitting it, I’m obsessed with dry shampoo. And yes, all 6 of these bottles are on the go – I’m not just showing you empty cans that I’ve kept to get this point to hit home. I really am addicted to dry shampoo. DSC07145

It’s not even that my hair is greasy – I’d like to think that anyone that knows me personally would say my hair is usually very clean. Even so, these cans of goodness are what get me through the week only having to wash my hair two, sometimes three, times. Some people might question why I care about how many times I wash my hair in a week; I know a lot of people who wash it everyday, as I’m sure many of you do. For me, I just find that my hair gets greasier the more I wash it – seems ridiculous, right? That’s not to say that that’s true for everyone, but in my case if I wash my hair on consecutive days I find it’s too much and my hair seems to create a build-up of product which I just cannot get rid of. Here’s where dry shampoo jumps in to help.


When I’m having one of those weeks where I’m so busy that I barely get time to wash my hair, dry shampoo saves me. Do you ever have that problem when you know you want to wash you hair for that event on Friday, but you want to do it the night before, but then you washed you hair on Monday which meant it needed a wash on Wednesday and then you’re left washing two nights in a row which you don’t want to do because you want your hair to look its best on Friday? Dry shampoo to the rescue. It’s such a useful product to have!


Batiste are obviously the leading brand in dry shampoo and I’ve tried my fair share of their scents. The three I’m currently using are Floral, Floral Essences and XXL Volume. All of the scents, to my knowledge, apply exactly the same just with a different smell. Yes, they do leave a very obvious white residue if not applied properly and that can be quite embarrassing walking into school with grey hair – I wouldn’t know though since I’ve never done that…nope, never. Like most dry shampoos you shake the can, spray about a ruler’s length from your hair and massage it into the roots. Often people brush the product into their hair, but I personally find the best thing to do is brush before you apply and then use just my fingers to massage and ‘scruff up’ my hair to give it some texture and volume. Recently, I branched out and decided to pick up the XXL Volume Dry Shampoo and give it a go. It’s got the same great qualities for lessening the look of grease, but for me this is purely a last resort dry shampoo, or a party/going out spray for texture and volume. The reason for this is that this creates a matte mass of my hair. It looks great, but feels REALLY dry and knotty, and is an absolute pain to try and get a brush through. However, it does give an amazing look and makes your hair about ten times the volume it was before!


COLAB Dry Shampoo was created by one of our own, blogger/model/youtuber Ruth Crilly (amodelrecommends) and girl done good. I own three different versions of the Classic London Fragrance which is bergamot, musk and magnolia and, after smelling them all, I like the best! The original can has a ‘sheer invisible formula’ which is promising to not leave that awful white residue behind – a promise it lives up to! By holding the can too close to your hair, you do get a little residue but for the most part it is completely invisible making it the perfect dry shampoo, especially for on the go where you might not have a mirror. The newer ‘Extreme Volume’ version of all the scents has a little more residue, though it doesn’t brand itself to say it is ‘invisible’ anyway, but works really well. Similar to the Batiste XXL Volume, it does leave your hair a little matted, but no where near as much as the Batiste version. I also keep a smaller, handy 50ml can in my bag which is a life savior for a quick pick-me up at school, work or out and about!

So, I’ve managed to talk for a ridiculous amount of time about dry shampoo, so I’ll shh for now. Have you tried any great brands of dry shampoo that I give a go? As always, let me know in the discussion below.



13 thoughts on “Okay, so I’m a dry shampoo addict… | 5MF

  1. I have never tried dry shampoo because I wash my hair only once a week (Sundays), but I have been wanting to try it out. I switched to a different shampoo that actually makes my hair get oily faster, so I need to wash my hair twice a week now :(!! So I def going to try one of these dry shampoos


    • Wow – you’re so lucky to be able to wash it that little! I used to be like that, but in the past year I’ve had to start washing mine more. How annoying! I find that when I use a new shampoo it does take some time for my hair to get used to it! Thanks for commenting x

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      • Yea, I have really thick coarse hair so if I wash it too much it gets really poofy and frizzy/dry, but I have been using a shampoo that has Brazillian oil and it makes my hair a bit more oily then usual, resulting in me having to wash it twice a week.


    • Yeah, I really like it but I think, after trying it out for longer, I might be swayed towards the COLAB ones more. I’ve never tried, nor even heard of, the Pssst! one but I will try and check it out! I’ve never tried the Dove one – I heard from my friend the other day that she tried one that made her hair even more greasy, I think it may have been Dove, but I can’t quite remember! Thanks for your comment x


  2. I use dry shampoo at the time. And I have blonde hair so even if it’s a little white, no one can tell. I usually wash my hair every other day and dry shampoo in between. I think fresh, clean hair feels better, but when you don’t have time, dry shampoo is a life saver. I’ve also found it gives my hair more body so if I’m going out, you bet I’m using some :)

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    • Ah very lucky! With my brunette hair it shows up quite easily if I’m not careful – that’s why I love the COLAB one so much! Yes I definitely agree, you feel so rough with unwashed, greasy hair. Washing your hair is an instant way to make you feel ready for the day! And that’s so true, dry shampoo tends to be my main go-to for extra volume, especially on a weekday where I don’t want something that’s going to force me to wash my hair that night! Thanks for reading and commenting x


  3. I know what you mean, I used to think I should be washing my hair every second day, but actually its better for it if you don’t! I wash mine twice, or sometimes once a week now, which is handy because I use semi-permanent dye too which lets it last longer. Dry shampoo saves my 3/4 day old hair every time, definitely going to try out COLAB! x


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