MAC Pink Poodle EXACT Dupe! | 5MF

I kid you not, this dupe is exactly the same. Okay, so maybe there isn’t the mouth-watering vanilla scent of MAC, and perhaps the texture is a little off, but let me tell you something; the colour is exactly the same.


Let’s talk about the MAC product first. This Lipglass in Pink Poodle is your classic, hot pink. It’s got reaaaaally tiny flecks of silver glitter in it which work beautifully to reflect the light and give your lips a fuller look. One of my favourite aspects of this shade is that it’s wearable. A wearable hot pink? Sounds wrong, but Pink Poodle just seems to work. It looks great and a light wash of colour, or even better when applied quite heavily since the pay off is amazing. I know that lip glosses are not everybody’s cup of tea, although frankly I quite like them, but this one has a lovely, smooth texture and not very sticky at all. And finally, the thing that sways me towards saying that it’s worth £14.50, is the delicious vanilla scent. You all know how obsessed I am with vanilla, right? Well that’s why MAC is draining my bank account; I just cannot get enough of that scent!



As I said, this beauty costs an expensive £14.50 which is quite a lot for a lip gloss I feel. However, I’ve found you an alternative! The Collection Colour Pro Intense Colour Lip Lacquer in the colour Rebel is pretty much the EXACT dupe for MAC Pink Poodle. As you can see from the swatches, the colour is identical which is obviously the main thing you’re looking for in a dupe. At around £3.99, you’re saving over £10 for the same shade.


There are downfalls to the drugstore dupe, as you would expect. Firstly, the lip gloss/lacquer is a very sticky consistency – not one to wear on a windy day! It does settle after a few minutes, but you’re still going to have that slightly off-putting stickiness whilst you wear it. Also, it doesn’t smell amazing like the MAC one does. It doesn’t smell bad, if a little chemically, but it’s another quality you’re paying for in the Pink Poodle Lipglass. Finally, it has slightly less of the ‘sparkle’ that the MAC product does. This doesn’t really bother me and I reckon some people would actually prefer that feature. On the contrary, the Collection gloss has benefits too. I would say that the colour pay off is on par with MAC, if not then better! The pigmentation is out of this world, and you truly do get the ‘Intense Colour’ promised by Collection.


So, you can see for yourself in just the photos that the Collection Colour Pro lip lacquer is definitely a dupe for MAC Pink Poodle! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Five Minute Fix, have a lovely week!



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