January Favourites

It’s that time where the month has drawn to a close, a new month begins and my monthly favorites are just begging to be shared with you!



Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks – Rose 10

  • My first favourite of January is thanks to a great friend who gave me this gorgeous Bobbi Brown blush and lip colour for my birthday. It’s obviously got the classic, black, Bobbi Brown packaging and inside is a gem of a product. Applied with you fingers, or I would recommend a stippling brush, this looks beautiful blended well onto the apples of your cheeks. With such a versatile colour, it would look good on every skin tone! Alternatively, you can use a finger or a lip brush to dab this onto your lips to give you a strong, muted rose pink with a hint of shine. Who doesn’t love a multi-use products?
  • Being a high-end beauty product, this beauty is £19 – but it’s definitely worth the investement!DSC07025

River Island Rollerball Perfume – London

  • Another very well received gift was a set of four of the River Island rollerballs coming in the original fragrance plus London, NYC and Paris. There is not one bad one in the bunch! I love the smell of all four of these, but right now I’m having a huge love affair with the purple London perfume scent. I’m not even going to try and describe a scent since I know I would be terrible at it, but I would definitely recommend having a sniff next time you’re in River Island.
  • At £15 for the four 10ml rollerballs, or £12 for a 75ml bottle, I think this fragrance is a great deal! It’s the perfect scent for everyday since it smells lovely and fresh, but doesn’t cost enough that you’re scared to use it for fear of using it all up!


Soap & Glory Hand Food

  • Not much to say about this one – it’s a classic right? This hand cream is right up my street, smelling of shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Yep, marshmallow! It’s smells delicious and leaves my hands feeling ultra soft without that horrible greasy feel that prevents you from doing anything for the next ten minutes. WIN.
  • For the small tube of this it’ll set you back a mere £2.50. You can purchase a bigger 125ml tube for I think around £6, but I found that this went a bit funny after not using it for a little while. For me, I’ll stick to the more convenient travel-size tube to throw into my bag.


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

  • I’ve raved about this, and other Beauty Bibles, in Sunday’s post, so I won’t say much else here apart from – GET IT.
  • Depending on where you get and how (ebook, hardback etc.) this is usually around the £15 mark.


Zuzka Cosmetics Mineral Foundation – Light Beige

  • Another one I’ve written a post about recently! This foundation is my new go-to everyday product to even out my skin tone whilst still feeling really light and giving a sheer coverage.
  • This product costs £!8.99 – I’m sure there are cheaper mineral foundations on the market, but for me this one works a treat.


Collection Supersize Fat Lash Mascara – Brown/black

  • So no, this isn’t the most lengthening mascara I own. Nor is it the most volumising, the most curling or the most dramatic. But I still seem to love it! Maybe it’s because it doesn’t clump, maybe because it doesn’t cover my face in a thick, black film when I get out the shower or maybe because I’ve ended up bending the brush to suit me? Who knows! I just know that I am loving using this drugstore mascara for everyday use and it makes my lashes look natural, but still with a bit of oomph. Go Collection!
  • Being a drugstore beauty, this mascara comes in at a measly £2.99!

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a snoop through my favourite products of the last month – leave me any links below of your favourite posts! Also, well done to Jemima who won the palette c/o Make Up Nails Tan – I know she has now received it and is loving it! Thank you to everybody who entered!



6 thoughts on “January Favourites

    • Mmm I looked that colour up – it looks lovely! Yeah get some, I would recommend the Rich & Foamous and the Clean, Girls body washes! x


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