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For our little weekly tradition of the Five Minute Fix, I decided to chat with you today about all those beauty books that are so popular at the moment. I own three, but would love to expand my collection. Firstly, they’re so great for tips, tricks and personal advice on all things make-up. Secondly, and possibly more importantly (!), they are beautiful coffee table books – do you feel me? There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a small pile of delights on a table that you can easily dip into an read a few pages, or just look at and admire. I hope it’s not just me that does this?! DSC07041

The first book I have to show you is the Bobbi Brown ‘Teenage Beauty’ available here. For me, this book is a must for any teenage girl whether a lover of make up or not. This book not only includes much helpful advice regarding skincare, lipsticks and spots, but also talks a huge deal about having confidence in your own skin and looking natural. So much of this book focuses on your self-esteem and it even has a whole chapter titled ‘I hate my ________ (A like-yourself lesson)’ which I think is really important for many teenage girls nowadays who feel under pressure to look and act a certain way. Chapters also include prom make-up, make-up for braces, hair care and chapters for individual ethnicities such as a ‘Latin American’ section and ‘Asian’. There’s a great balance between text and pictures throughout the book and a huge variety of topics covered – a definite recommendation as a teen birthday present!DSC07050

The second book also comes from our make-up guru Bobbi, titled ‘Everything Eyes’ it holds a host of professional techniques to create gorgeous  eye looks to suit your eye shape and colour for day to night – it even includes a whole section on choosing glasses to suit your eyes and eye make-up to suit your glasses. Being picture heavy, it’s a great one to flick through and you always feel as if you’ve found something new! I could spend hours looking over each of the model’s make-up deciding which looks I like, and which would suit me – and, of course, drooling over how perfect and even their eyeliner is! This book is perfect to give you the low-down on all the tools you’ll need to create your favourite eye make-up looks and it even gives you tips on how to keep your eyes looking their best in terms of eye creams and treatments. DSC07047DSC07036

The final beauty bible that I have already got my hands on is Sali Hughes’ ‘Pretty Honest’. In my humble opinion, this book is the most beautiful of the bunch since it is a pale pink hardback with bright yellow pages at the front and back, all holding together creamy white pages with the occasional pale pink sheet with a vintage-looking photo to begin each chapter. Dreamy, I know. This book mainly consists of writing, which I actually really love – especially since each chapter is divided into small, sub-titled paragraphs. It includes…well, it includes everything! Sali chats about skincare routines, mature beauty, perfumes, teen beauty, foundation and so much more. The book is filled with both the facts of beauty, but also Sali’s personal opinion on a lot of things which I think is a really nice since it gives some substance to all the regular tips we beauty addicts hear so often. DSC07044

What I want to know is, which books am I missing? I’d love to expand my collection, but I want all your recommendations to do it! Leave me a comment below and let me know which beauty bibles should I already own, and perhaps which ones should I give a miss. I’m quite keen to check out Tanya Burr’s new book ‘Love Tanya’ – anyone had a read yet? What do we think? I’ll let you know if I pick up anymore beauty books, but in the meantime I really do want to be nosy and hear about the one’s you have!



10 thoughts on “Beauty Bibles | 5MF

  1. This was really a great post ! I’m not the biggest beauty girl, I usually stop after applying foundation and mascara, my holygrails. Lately, I’ve been more into having fun with my makeup and these books seem like great starting points, so thanks for sharing!



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