A Foundation Fling?

Mmm, what could be at all ‘fling’-ey about a foundation? Well, we all know there’s the liquid ones, the foundation sticks, the cream bases and the powders. And that’s what’s new – the powders. Does it surprise you that I’m yet to try a powder/mineral foundation? Thankfully, this all changed when Zuzka Natural Beauty offered for me to choose a product and I decided to dip my toe into the mineral foundation waters. DSC06998

To begin with, let’s chat about why mineral make-up is often considered a great thing for our skin, instead of our regular products. I thought I’d show you quickly and easily that mineral make-up has many benefits:

  1. It has no nasty artificial colours, talc, oils and perfumes which clog our pores and irritate our sensitive skin.
  2. Some of the ingredients (with fancy names so we won’t bother with them here!) have anti-inflammatory properties which work wonders on annoying acne and eczema.
  3. The ingredients always offer protection from the sun, for example this mineral foundation from Zuzka offers SPF15 – however, nowadays SPF is in many of our complexion products so perhaps this isn’t as significant as it used to be.
  4. Gives great coverage and allows you to decide exactly how much coverage you want by building it up easily – similar to other foundations but I find this is SO much easier to give a sheer coverage for those no make-up, make-up days.

I found all this information really interesting, so I thought I’d share it with all of you – it’s definitely made me consider buying mineral make-up more often!

Having discussed the ‘greatness’ of mineral make-up for our skin, now it’s time to talk about it on our skin, and in particular, the mineral foundation from Zuzka!DSC06994

The packaging for the foundation is quite simple, but practical. Since mineral make-up is usually powder, obviously it will create some ‘dust’ when you swirl your brush into it. Due to this, I’m so thankful that the packaging isn’t our classic, matte black since I would have a fit every time I covered it in foundation!

The mineral foundation itself is, quite honestly, one of the best foundations I’ve ever used. I can’t say that I’m a foundation freak and that I’ve tried lots, but what I can say is that the foundation makes my skin look flawless, but naturally. The powder has such a lovely effect; whilst covering my blemishes and redness well, my freckles are still visible and my skin looks like it’s wearing nothing on it. Also, your skin not only looks great, but also feels fab since this foundation is incredibly light and could never, ever, ever be described as cakey. DSC06995

When applying a mineral foundation, you should do it quite soon after you have moisturised in order for your skin to be fresh and a little dewy – but certainly not ‘wet’. It’s recommended that you should swirl a kabuki brush into the powder, having tapped some into the lid, and then remove the excess and apply onto your face. Currently, I’m using the Real Techniques buffing brush since I don’t seem to have a kabuki, but it works a treat. DSC06999

I would highly recommend checking out Zuzka’s website here, where they have a huge range of skincare and mineral make-up products. All of which are not tested on animals and free from harsh chemicals – yippee! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this chat and review about mineral foundations and make-up. I can safely say, mineral foundation and I are no longer having a fling, but are truly together and no one can ever stop us now – mineral foundation is my new favourite base.



P.S. Don’t forget, the giveaway for the gorgeous 88-colour Matte Palette ends on Sunday! Check out the details and find the link to enter here!

Zuzka Natural Beauty Website: http://www.zuzkanaturalbeauty.co.uk/

Zuzka Mineral Foundation: http://www.zuzkanaturalbeauty.co.uk/department/mm_foundation_powder/

*Although Zuzka Natural Beauty has kindly sent me this item, all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.


15 thoughts on “A Foundation Fling?

  1. Never heard of this brand but sounds nice! I’m a Bare Minerals fan but I have a love/hate relationship with powder foundations because they can be so messy. But I love the coverage and finish they give.

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean! I have dry skin so I was really worried that it would do that. As of yet, I haven’t actually had an issues with that, although my skin has been in quite good condition recently – hopefully it’ll handle any dry patches well! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you please elaborate as to which exact movement you use when applying? stippling? I really enjoyed your critique and would like to know more.


    • Thank you! I tend to apply it in circular motions and buff it into my skin – frankly, I apply it in a similar way to how I do my liquid foundations. I guess if you wanted a very light coverage, you could dust it lightly onto your skin?

      Liked by 1 person

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