Christmas Goodies | 5MF

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that it was everything you wished for and more. I enjoyed a lovely day with my family that involved opening presents, visiting the village pub for a drink with friends and having a tasty, huge Christmas dinner! What did you spend your day doing? I thought for this week’s Five Minute Fix I’d share what amazing presents I got. I was extremely fortunate this year and my family were very, very generous! I don’t want to brag about what I received, but just share with you all some items. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to know more about and I might do a full review of it!

  1. Lorac Pro Palette – AAAAHH!! I can’t believe I got this and I’m so excited to create lots of different looks with all the colours in this palette. The shadows are so pigmented and buttery, and I’m definitely going to be showing you all a full review of this soon!DSC06655
  2. MAC Shadow in Sable – a beautiful shimmery brown that will go beautifully in my MAC quad and with my All That Glitters!
  3. Urbanears in Julep – a gorgeous pair of headphones in one of my favourite colours, a turqoise-y green. They have such good sound quality and are stylish at the same time!
  4. Two different vanilla candles – my best friend chose me a lovely vanilla candle which makes the entire room smell so good! And my brother bought a small green, glass pot and made his own candle and melted it into the pot – it smells and looks really nice and was very thoughtful of him!
  5. Netflix account – a shared account with my siblings, and something I’ve been after for a long time after sharing my previously mentioned friend (naughty me!)
  6. MAC 217 – need I say more?DSC06671
  7. Giftcards – I received a giftcard for H&M, Boots and Topshop so I am really excited to go on a Christmas Sale Shopping Spree very soon – I’ll let you know what I get!
  8. Pretty Honest – this is a book written by Sali Hughes all about beauty! I’m halfway through and loving it, I definitely recommend it.
  9. Rose Jam –  a Lush product called a ‘Bubbleroon’ thought I think this is pretty much the same as a bubble bar – anyone know?
  10. Clothes – I got a lovely grey top with a chiffon back from my sister, some comfy PJs, a New Look checked shawl and a TRXYE jumper – who else loves Troye Sivan?!

I also got a couple of little bits like chocolate milk stirrers (you know those cubes on a stick that you put in hot milk?), and a one direction poster! What did you all receive this Christmas?




9 thoughts on “Christmas Goodies | 5MF

  1. The Lorac Pro Palet look so gorgeos! I live in belgium so I don’t have the occasion to try it for now:)


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