My Beauty Christmas Wishlist 2014

Missed me? I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been busy with schoolwork and I can’t promise it’s going to get much better over the Christmas period since I have my mocks in January – ahhh! I know it’s only been just under 2 weeks but I feel like I haven’t written anything for you guys in ages. Since December has well and truly come (and has been here for over a week now!) I thought I would share with all of you some of my Beauty Christmas Wishlist Ideas. I’m fortunate enough not to actually need anything, but since my family ask for ideas, I’m going to share the list I have created for them. Please do comment if you already have anything that’s on my list, what’s on your list and if you are now going to put any of this on your list too!

I hope my list gives you some good ideas for things to pop on your wishlist, but to help you out with buying your gifts, or getting a little money to buy gifts for family and friends, check out Raise which is a great way to buy and sell gift cards. This way, you can buy a gift card from many shops for you, your family or friends for a smaller price than its worth. Alternatively, you could sell a gift card you already own that perhaps you don’t think you’ll spend to get a bit of cash in order to purchase other presents for your loved ones! It’s a great way to help you save a little money at this expensive time of the year, whilst still being able to buy whatever you want! There are so many different cards to buy on Raise – I’m eyeing up the Victoria’s Secret, H&M, LUSH and Sephora cards!

PicMonkey Collage5

My  Beauty Christmas Wishlist 2014

  1. A brown-y MAC eye shadow. As you all know, I’m obsessing over All That Glitters, and I have been since I bought it in August, but now I really want a beautiful darker shade to blend into it through the crease and outer corner. I’ve been doing my essential investigating and testing and I’ve found the three I like are Bronze, Sable and Folie – all three of which would go beautifully with All That Glitters. Which one do you think is the best choice?
    PicMonkey Collage - Copy
  2. Following with the MAC eye shadow to go with ATG theme, I also am eyeing up the beautiful highlight colours of Phloof! and Shroom. However, I think these are pretty similar to the MAC Vanilla Pigment, though perhaps a little more greyish, that I already own (which was probably my No. 1 Purchase That I Regret, but we can talk about that another time!). PicMonkey Collage3
  3. MAC 217 blending brush; Yes I know, how do I not already own this?! There’s not much to say about this except it is a beautifully (expensive) blending brilliance and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!dsfhfh7
  4. Moving away from MAC, but to another cult favourite, I’m really keeping my fingers crossed to opening up the LORAC Pro Palette on the 25th. After hearing about the buttery blend-ability of all these shades I couldn’t not pop this onto the wishlist. I’m definitely a neutral eye gal so this palette would be absolutely ideal for my simple everyday eye looks to a darker, smokier eye whilst still not adding too much in-your-face colour. PicMonkey Collage2 - Copy
  5. After hearing Jaclyn Hill, beauty guru and make-up artist, raving about them, I’m intrigued to try the eye shadows from Morphe Brushes – do you see the eye theme building up here? She shows a few of the individual pans in a few of her videos and the pigmentation looks incredible for – wait for it – just $2 a pan! What?! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, and still am not sure how convinced I am until I try them myself. So onto my list I popped the 35 colour Matte Palette and Warm Palette. Though I wouldn’t mind both (of course!), I’m hoping for either on of these palettes since they are the same colours, just clearly one consists of purely mattes, which I hope live up to the same expectations I have of the shimmer shades. If you fancied getting your hands on anything from Morphe Brushes, you can use Jaclyn’s code ‘JACATTACK’ to get a great discount (I think it’s 20%) – obviously I think you should have a look at her blog and channel first though, since she does fab videos!  PicMonkey Collage4
  6. A mascara (again with the eyes!!) that I have been interested in somehow getting is the Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara which is apparently huge in Japan, but, as far as I know, it’s only available in the Topshop Beauty Mart in London in the UK and since I don’t live in London there isn’t much chance of me picking that up anytime soon. However, I know my dad has recently been in Japan and I did drop him quite a few hints about it. And by ‘hints’ I mean that I sent him an email with the link on it saying ‘Daddy I want this!’Fairydrops

That concludes my wishlist, and I’ve realised that everything on it is eye make-up; clearly I subconsciously feel that a certain area of my make-up collection is a little bit light! If you’re not really into eye products, I’m sorry that this post probably wasn’t for you – though I’d still like to hear what products you’re asking for this Chrismas. As always, everything I have mentioned has a link which will take you to the company or product.

I’m going away over the next few days to Berlin on a trip with friends which I am really excited about, so perhaps in the next few weeks there may be a quick post on that showing some photos – especially since it’s Christmas time and I’ll be visiting lots of Christmas Markets!

Don’t forget to comment your wishlist suggestions and ideas below!




8 thoughts on “My Beauty Christmas Wishlist 2014

  1. ooh you make me want to buy the glitter eyeshadow from mac! and it doesnt help that i’ve already splurged this week on a blusher and a foundation from them plus a mascara from benefit! haha


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