Amie Skincare, A New Discovery

Recently, I was very lucky to receive a couple of products from the natural Amie Skincare range which is a collection created for sensitive skin without using harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. This pretty and fun range was created for a mother to give her daughter the perfect solution to her oily, sensitive skin’s breakouts.

I’ve tried so many different skincare products in the past from the cheap and cheerful Simple and Clearasil to the higher end Clinque – nothing seems to work for me! I have dry and very sensitive skin, which makes it really difficult to come across a product that doesn’t react with my skin. With Amie’s products having on average 95% natural ingredients, I can be sure that there are no chemicals that could cause a break-out. Another benefit is that Amie products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, although I’m not sure how often people eat their moisturiser!


The range consists of a couple of moisurisers, a few washes and masks, and some cleansers. Amie sent me their  ‘Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser’ and their ‘Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask’!

To begin with, let’s talk about the cleansing mask; I’ve tried masks before but I wouldn’t say I use them regularly. This mask is a treatment that aims to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin whilst soaking up excess oil and preventing blemishes. On first application, I was immediately hit by the spa-like scent of peppermint and lime extracts which I actually really liked, since it smelled fresh but not fruity, as that isn’t my cup of tea. I found when I applied the mask that my skin tingled a lot for the first few minutes, and I was really worried that my skin was having a reaction to the product. However, I also used this on my friend a few days ago and she had the same sensation. Once it’s calmed down and the tingling stops the mask seems great, but my friend and I found the tingling quite painful! After leaving it on for ten minutes, you just rinse it off with warm water, which felt lovely and left my skin feeling great too! This mask seems like a nice, calming thing to do twice a week and after multiple applications I think you will really begin to see clearer skin. I will keep you posted!


I had a mixed response to the second product, the hydrating moisturiser, when I first started using it. I loved the texture since I prefer thicker cream-like moisturisers, rather that liquid-ey ones, but again the scent of the product had an effect on my opinion. Considering my dislike for floral scents, I was quite put-off by the rose hip oil and rose extracts and it certainly did smell like roses. Thankfully, I’ve been using this everyday for almost two weeks now and I barely notice the smell – However, I definitely notice the results! This moisturiser has made my skin beautifully soft with absolutely no dry patches, which is quite unusual for my dry, sensitive skin. I’m now a huge fan of this moisuriser and will definitely continue to use this as part of my everyday skincare routine!


I think the next thing I would like to check out from Amie is their facial washes, and see if my skin reacts to them. If it doesn’t, I think I might just have found my favourite skincare company! If you’re interested, they also have mineral foundations on sale here which I think would be really fun to try, might have to have a look at these soon! Here’s their website if you would like to have a look at anything I have mentioned .

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, have you tried anything from Amie before and what did you think?




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