I might have just found The Perfect Nude…|5MF

Yes, I said it. And chances are, I might have just found yours too.

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Doutzen’s Nude, Eva’s Nude, Julianne’s Nude, J Lo/Cheryl’s Nude, Freida’s Nude, Liya’s Nude

L’Oreal teamed up with a group of celebrities to create a collection of nudes to suit everyone. The Collection Exclusive by Colour Riche is a 6-shade selection of custom made nudes chosen by 6 iconic spokespersons which are limited edition (although I think they’ve been around for some time). They also have corresponding nude nail polishes that you might want to take a look at! Supposedly one of the six colours will suit your skin tone and/or your hair colour to give you ‘naturally radiant lips’. Sounds good, right?


I recently picked up one of these lipsticks in the shade ‘Barely Greige’ and it was ‘J Lo’s Nude’ since it was the colour I liked best in Boots and seems to be a very natural colour. On doing some research, I found that J Lo’s Nude doesn’t actually appear on the L’Oreal website which I thought was really odd, but it did show one called ‘Cheryl’s Nude’ which seemed very similar to this one. I’ve found out that, I think, Cheryl and J Lo’s Nude are the same, but they just changed the name for different countries – don’t ask me why! Suppodedly the UK is meant to have Cheryl’s Nude, which confuses me even more since I obviously picked up J Lo’s!


The packaging is very nice for a drugstore product – a matte black with tiny specs of glitter/shimmer with gold features. The product itself is lovely at £8.19 – though mine was on offer at £6.99! I find it glides onto the lips smoothly and feels quite moisturising, however a negative is that it’s lasting power is very poor; I reckon it stayed on me for under an hour? This isn’t too much of an issue because the lipstick is really easy to apply so you can whack some on without a mirror and you’re good to go. I think this product is just the perfect way to add quite a sheer wash of colour onto your lips for an effortlessly, sophisticated look.


With the whole range of these lipsticks, I do think it’s important to try them before you settle for your shade since I’ve heard some people suit the colours that are completely not the same as their spokespersons. Also these lipsticks, like a lot of others from L’Oreal, do have quite a distinctive smell that I know some people wouldn’t like; I actually really like the smell but I think that might be because my mum used to always wear L’Oreal lipsticks when I was younger! #2

Overall, I would definitely recommend popping to a L’Oreal counter and giving these a whirl. You might be just as lucky as me and find your Perfect Nude. Let me know what you think of these and if you’re going to try them!




22 thoughts on “I might have just found The Perfect Nude…|5MF

  1. So you bought the ‘J-Lo- lipstick then. Did you pick up the Chanel one too? Great post. I will be hitting boots soon I think. Nicola


  2. I did not know about these lipsticks! But I’ve been looking for the perfect nude for ages because they discontinued my favourite! :( So I’ll have to check these out! Great post! Thanks for following I’ve followed back :) xx


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  3. I’m rubbish at finding lipstick colours that suit me but Boots has a skin matcher which pairs you up with the No 7 shades that suit you – really good if you’re looking for a nude that matches your skin tone!

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    • Aha me too! That’s such a good idea, will have to try that next time. Even if you don’t buy a No.7 one, I’m sure it would be so helpful to see the sort of color that would suit you! Thanks for reading x


  4. I was thinking of buying this lipstick! When I face the isles at night, this lipstick is the one with the most lip products because of how much it is bought by our customers! Maybe I will give it a try after my money spree with high end makeup on Black Friday ♥

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