I went PURPLE | 5MF

In the words of my best friend Emily, only I would dye my hair because of a season. Now, strictly speaking I think many of us would dye our hair depending on the season, but perhaps not as many ‘normal’ people?! Having had a lot of experience dying my hair over the last few years, I wasn’t afraid to try again last week. I’ve tried a few colours from different shades of brown, to reds to my most recent blond ombré. Deciding to dye my hair was actually more to help revitalise it and give it back its shine after having very dry ends from the L’Oreal Preference Ombré  kit. I used this back in the summer and loved the effect it gave on my hair, but I just found that it was very drying and gave me split ends quickly. That’s why I chose to have an all over new colour to enhance my natural shine and get my hair into better condition. I know people say dying your hair isn’t good for you, and that’s true, but I use a semi-permanent dye, no bleach and a no ammonia dye.


I did a lot of investigating over which colour I would like to go. Blonde was off the cards since I have dark hair and didn’t want to bleach it. I’m one of those people who don’t really understand dying your hair only a slightly different colour so most browns weren’t for me. Red? Hmm, I’ve done it before and wasn’t wowed by the effect. So I ended up, by process of elimination, looking through the plum shades. I searched reviews for every shade I liked before settling for the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in the shade 316 Plum. I’ve used this product before in a different shade so I knew what to expect, and knew it was reliable. Other people’s results varied in success, but mostly there was positive feedback. Hence, I decided to take the plunge. I went purple.


The dying process was easy, but it’s very important to make sure you put product on every single bit of your hair to ensure an even application. There was no bad smell, but obviously the hair dye ‘scent’ was in my hair for the next couple of days.


I’ve put in some before and after shots so that you can see the difference in colour – please don’t mind my unwashed hair in the before photos, apparently it’s better for dying your hair?

On reflection, I’m still very unsure about my new colour. I think, on balance, I’m not a huge fan since I have now decided I really liked my hair before with the blonde ends. Perhaps I might have to get that done professionally once this dye wears off. I like the concept of the plummy shade, and I do think the dye turned my hair a nice colour, but I’ve decided the colour is a bit dark for my fair skintone and so probably isn’t just right for me. Still, you have to experiment with these things, right?




33 thoughts on “I went PURPLE | 5MF

  1. love the new color! I’m thinking of going for a violet-red myself in a month or two! :) I love changing up my hair too xo


    • Thank you! I actually wrote this post a few days ago, so now I’m used to it I’m liking it a bit more! I still feel like I prefer natural colours on my skin tone – though knowing me I’ll be red again in a few months! Thanks for commenting x


    • Ah really? Thank you so much – I do think if I was ever going to do it, now’s the right time! Go for it! I loved it when I had blonde highlights – especially because I had mine put though under a layer of hair so I had NO roots at all! x


  2. Love the new hair colour! I’m a similar colour at the moment and love it but agree it definitely takes some getting used to at first. Already thinking about what colour to go in Spring!



    • Thank you! It’s faded quite a lot now, I think I will let it completely fade out to my natural colour and then add a few blonde highlights for next year. What are you thinking for yours?! X


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