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Closed BagsI recently popped into LUSH to check out some of their new products for A/W – there was a mix of old favourites and some new goods in store! There was so much in the shop and I just wanted to try everything, but I had to restrain which was really difficult! I’d already had a bit of a shopping splurge by the time I reached the LUSH Store so I only picked up two goodies that I thought I’d show you.

Both products

As you might know since I mentioned it in my ‘Summer Tag’ post, I’m not a fan of strong fruity smells, or even really sweet ones, so I actually struggle sometimes to find the perfect scent of bath bomb/melt/soap etc. LUSH is full of those really powerful sickly sweet smells like ‘Snow Fairy’, or strong citrus scents like ‘Brightside’, which I don’t mind having a whiff of but find far too much to sit in a bath with – I prefer the slightly more subtle smell of the ‘Butterball’!


With that in mind, I picked up the new small bath bomb called ‘Cinders’ in celebration of Firework’s Night on the 5th of November. For £2.50 it’s actually on the cheaper side for a Lush product (is it me or is Lush getting more and more expensive?), though its size is probably the reason for that since it is quite small, similar to Butterball. Its main ingredients are almond oil, cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil and popping candy; I’d say if you’re not a fan of cinnamon, then I wouldn’t suggest this is a good choice for you since the predominant smell is of cinnamon, but I don’t think it is too overpowering. The label says ‘warm up with this bath bomb’s hot fruit punch fragrance’, and I’d agree that it definitely has a sort of ‘mulled wine’ scent to it. The popping candy added a nice effect as you could see and hear it popping once the bomb was put into the warm water! I did enjoy this bath bomb, however it wasn’t all that exciting in the bath – although I can’t really complain when my favourite is the Butterball which does nothing to the colour of the bath water! I’d kind of expected an orangey bath colour, but was left with a suspicious looking yellow tone to my bath – I cut Cinders in half, as I do with most of my Lush bath bombs, so that could be to blame I guess? All in all, I liked the smell of this but I don’t think it will become a staple for a relaxing bath after fireworks – sorry Lush!

Snow Angel

My second purchase was the ‘Snow Angel’ bath melt – a very glittery white and gold angel. Be warned with this one, the glitter gets EVERYWHERE. I’m yet to try this in my bath, but it’s said to be very moisturising. I was quite surprised when I found out that there is a ‘rose absolute’ in this bath melt, since rose (and other floral scents) aren’t something I’d usually go for. Perhaps I was drawn to this one because I could sense that it had cocoa butter, just like the butterball, which I only just found out! At £3.95 for this bath melt, it isn’t that cheap for something that could be gone in one bath time, so again I will cut this into half, but this is quite a generous sized product so I don’t think it’s too unreasonable for Lush.

Both Products #2

I hope you enjoyed this quick post, have you tried anything from the new season Lush range? Let me know as I would love to try out some other things!




18 thoughts on “New Season LUSH | 5MF

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, I think Lush is a bit unpredictable with what products they stock in each store. I can’t wait to try it, I think I might use it tonight or tomorrow! x


  1. I went into lush the other day was SO tempted to get ‘Cinders’ but I splurged out on twilight and the new christmas pud bath bombs so I thought I’d save buying cinders until another day…
    After reading this post I think you might like the Christmas pud one – it smelt amazing (kind of like mulled wine/spices) and it is probably the most spectacular of bath bombs (It was spewing colour EVERYWHERE), however I did have to scrub the bath from pinky water stains afterwards! Let me know how you get on if you try it :) x


    • Ah thanks for reading – I will definitely try that one next time! I was so disappointed that there was practically no colour from the Cinders one. Sounds like Christmas Pud will be a good option x

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      • Yeah I know what you mean – I’ve become accustomed to seeing a display whenever I use Lush products so it’s always a little dissappointing when it’s not as exciting as expected! Beware with the christmas pudding one first as all the colours make an awful colour but once it’s finished doing its thing it looks beaut! :) x


  2. I love Cinders, but even when you do use the whole thing, it does turn the water yellow which is a bit off-putting, still love it for the scent though!


    • I liked the scent but I agree about the color! I used Snow Angel last night and it was lovely! My skin felt so nice after and it gave a nice bit of shimmer. Again though, ny bath was a greeny/yellow colour. I guess if we don’t want the crazy strong scents then we don’t get the crazy strong colours?! X


      • Some of their stuff is a bit expensive though considering that you can only use it once. I do need to go and have a look around though – I haven’t been in there for ages!x


        • Yeah that’s exactly my problem. I’ve been cutting mine in half to get more for my money, but I still think its a lot for something that’s gone so quickly! x


          • That’s a good idea actually! I know what you mean though – it’s great when it’s fizzing but for around £5 I do think it’s pretty pricey! x


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