A Very Berry Lip – Rimmel Round-Up

All LipsticksSince Autumn is most definitely here now, I am getting a lot of wear out of these gorgeous shades of lipstick from Rimmel. I have five of my berry(ish) lipsticks to show you with some swatches and a short review of each one.  A small note though, I really need to get a good lip liner for these colours as they’re tricky to apply well and a dark lip needs a defined edge – which I’m not getting at the moment! Any recommendations?

All Swatches

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Latino (200)

I’ll begin with the lightest shade, one that doesn’t really count as a berry lip at all but I wear it a lot throughout this season so I thought it was worth throwing it in here. The Moisture Renew lipstick in Latino (200) is a frosted pink/raspberry shade that appears quite glossy on the lips. Though it glides on very easily, I wouldn’t really say I find it as moisturising as I would expect from a ‘Moisture Renew’ lipstick. It’s semi-opaque as it has quite a good colour pay off, but isn’t hugely pigmented. I think this is just a lovely everyday shade when you need to apply something easily and quickly.

Latino Collage

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer (084)

This was one of my early lipstick purchases and I still love it! It’s more purple toned than Latino but still has a slightly ‘frosty’ finish to it with  a lot of pigmentation. This is sort of a plummy fuschia colour which I think would really suit slightly tanned skin – on my pale skin it is very bold (though doesn’t appear that bold in the swatch?). Though I still really like the colour and Rimmel sticks to their word as this does last a good few hours on my lips before I feel like I need to reapply.

084 Collage

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Alarm (170)

Now, I’m not sure how I acquired this lipstick, my friend (Lucie) gave it to me after she thought I left it at her house, but I actually think its my other friend’s (Poppy)! Incidentally, both of these girls have great blogs which you should check out! However, I’m pleased I did get this since it’s essential that you have a vibrant, classic red in your collection – especially good for Halloween I think! This is your typical bright red that catches everyone’s eye, and I’ve got to say I’m not that brave when it comes to wearing this shade. I bring it out very rarely, but I thought you couldn’t have a list of strong, bold lips without a red! Again, this is a lasting finish lipstick, and it really does last!  Due to the high pigmentation and bright colour, this stains your lip so be aware when you apply it that it isn’t coming off anytime soon.

Alarm Collage

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 107 (Matte)

Every lipstick lover will have heard of this one. After looking for ages and always finding it to be sold out, yesterday I managed to get my hands on the 107 shade of the Kate Moss range. It’s a favourite of many beauty bloggers, including Zoella, and I can definitely see why. This is a gorgeous matte deep berry red with blue undertones with great colour pay off. It literally screams autumn and would look great paired with any autumnal outfit – I’m thinking cream top, big coat, jeans, leather boots with a woolen scarf? This is the main lipstick that I think would really benefit with a lip liner since I find this quite hard to apply perfectly with clean, defined edges.

107 Collage

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Starry-Eyed (128)

Another lasting finish? I’m not sure about this one being very long lasting. I find if I don’t reapply every couple of hours this goes quite patchy. It definitely needs to be applied to moisturised lips. However, I really like this dark red-y brown shade. It’s quite unusual for me to wear such a dark colour but I think it looks really great for this time of year. I was wearing it when I tried on a powder blue swing coat in Topshop and it looked gorgeous – just wish I could have afforded the coat!

128 Lip Swatch

As usual for Rimmel, all these lipsticks are affordable with the most expensive (the 107 lipstick) coming in at just £5.49! The packaging isn’t anything to write home about, but the quality of the product could be compared to much more expensive and higher end brands.  I really do think Rimmel have got it down when it comes to affordable lipsticks in every shade. I hope this post has made you feel very autumnal, and I would love to know what other lipsticks I should be looking out for this season, Rimmel or otherwise!




21 thoughts on “A Very Berry Lip – Rimmel Round-Up

    • Yes I definitely agree! Me too! I usually stick with a natural colour, or slight pink. I love these berry shades but would very rarely wear some of them – especially the bright red one! Thanks sweets! x


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