One Lovely Blog Award!

Blog award

YAY! I have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Lauren over at LittleLo16 – she has a great blog where she writes chatty posts about fashion, beauty, trips and general life! I’ve really been enjoying reading her posts; I especially enjoyed her post on a ‘Trio of Necklaces‘ since you all know I’m a big fan of a statement necklace! Please go over and take a look at her blog!

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo at the top of the post
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Add the set of rules so your nominees will know what to do
  • Add 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs and leave a link to them in your post
  • Let your chosen 15 know that you have nominated them!
  • Follow back the person that nominated you on wordpress, google friend connect and/or Bloglovin’ (Whatever applies for their blog!)

My 7 facts about me are:

  1. Autumn is my favourite season! Have a read of my previous post where I talk about my favourite things about this season.
  2. My birthday is the 10th of January, not long to wait now!
  3. One Direction. I have been to 4 concerts – including one that only had 1000 people for the filming of their movie!
  4. I am OBSESSED with MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow – I have worn it as an all-over-lid shade almost everyday since I bought it. I did a quick review of it in my August Favourites post.
  5. I have two cats called Ninja and Pepé. One of them is ginger, hence Ginger Ninja. The other is black and white and looks a bit like a skunk so we called him Pepé after Pepé Le Pew – look him up!
  6. Tanya Burr has favourited 3 of my tweets and there is a photo of me on her blog!
  7. I love doing and styling hair – I just get bored half way through! Anyone else start curling their hair and give up half way through?

I nominate:

Cats Eyes Red Lips

Blush and Bluebells

The Lilly Mint Blog

Anomalous Me Beauty

A Little Lippy Goes a Long Way

Bows and Blush

Confessions of a Make Up Hoarder

Dude Its Primarni

Cats Claws

Glitter Pots and Lipgloss


Milly Does Makeup

Armed with a Lipstick

Naturally K


Thanks again Lauren and I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s response!




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