5 Steps To A New Brush – Without A Penny Spent!

Some people love it. Some people hate it. But if you got brushes, you gotta do it. Clean ’em.

Dirty Brushes

It’s incredibly important to clean your brushes regularly as they easily collect old product, dirt, debris and dust. You know what that means? – Bacteria. For those like me who have really sensitive skin, or those who are acne-prone, the importance of doing this is tripled as any bacteria that is hidden in your beautiful brushes can cause breakouts and irritation on your skin, which we certainly don’t want. Regular cleaning will also make your brushes work more effectively, distribute products more evenly, and make your make up brushes last for agggges whilst still looking (and feeling!) as good as new. Finally, a more obvious reason to cleaning your brushes – who wants their sexy, smoky eye shadow to dust over their eyes when you were trying to go for the sweet, natural look? No one! All you’ll need to solve this tragic issue is a couple of household items, unless you want to invest in a brush cleaner, but I personally really don’t think the extra cost is necessary. Just grab some kitchen towel and some baby shampoo and you’re ready to go.

Baby Shampoo

Here are my 5 steps to easy, and effective, make up brush washing:

  1. If you feel it is your calling, run the tips of your brush under a little warm water to get the excess product off. I usually skip this step, and launch straight into step number 2.
  2. Pour a little baby shampoo onto some kitchen towel – I would advise you have at least two layers of towel underneath as you won’t be wanting the oily shampoo to go through onto your furniture/carpet/wherever you have decided to tackle the brushes. Baby Shampoo#2
  3. Using circular motions, swirl the brush gently in the baby shampoo. You will begin to see *a lot* of product coming off onto the towel, so just be careful not to get too excited with your swirling and end up going through the old product!MAC washing
  4. Continue swirling at your own pleasure, or until the brush no longer leaves product behind it when you brush along the kitchen towel.MAC washing #2MAC washing #3 MAC washing #4
  5. Leave the brush to dry out. Make sure that the brush is in the desired shape as it will dry this way and I’m sure you don’t want hairs sticking out all over the place! Ensure that you leave your brushes lying down or, even better, slanted slightly so that the brushy, bristly end (technical term is apparently the toe?!) is lower than the handle. This is to ensure that no moisture goes into the ferrule (the middle bit), as this is where the bristles are fixed in place and moisture would mean that some bristles, over time, may come out due to the glue loosening. An easy way to position your brushes like this is to get a towel and roll one end up, then lean the handle of your brushes on the rolled end.Clean Brushes Edited

I use baby shampoo since it’s cheap, easy to get hold of and does the job well. Some might argue that it doesn’t disinfect the brushes that well, so maybe do a little research into alternatives to find what you think will suit you best!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and found it helpful. Since I am at school during the week, and I get lots of homework, I can’t post as regularly as I would like to, so I hope you’ll bear with me! Also, I am so happy as during this past week I hit 50 followers on my blog (including Bloglovin’) – thank you very much if you have followed beautyandmi! Perhaps a giveaway will be in order when I hit the big 100?



P.S. For the record, I love it.


7 thoughts on “5 Steps To A New Brush – Without A Penny Spent!

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, occasionally I give the brush a quick rinse, but almost all of the soap comes out onto the towel anyway. I am almost out of baby shampoo, might try hand soap next time x


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