The Summer Tag!

When doing my usual rounds of reading all the beauty blogs I can find, I came across ‘The Summer Tag’ on ‘Blush and Bluebells’ blog, and I really enjoyed reading her comments and thought it was a fab way to round off the season of summer! To read her post, just click here.

The Summer Tag

1. What was your Summer nail polish?

I have really bad fingernails (anyone managed to get rid of that awful biting habit?), but I love to paint my toenails in the summer. Feet are bad enough as they are, so it doesn’t hurt to give your nails a bit of colour! I have been loving this glitter pink from Kiko, which my friend kindly gave me for my birthday last year. I don’t know how much it was, but it’s really good quality and you can get away with just one coat. though two gives a nicer finish.

Nail Polish edited

2. What was your favourite lip colour this summer?  

Oh, MAC, my beautiful MAC, you have served me well this summer. My favourite lip colour has been a gorgeous coral shade – the perfect coral. Not too pink, not too orange. It glides on like a dream but still has a respectable lasting power and smells like vanilla. I loved putting it on, until one dreaded day. Something terrible happened. There I was, happy as Larry, walking along putting on my Coral Bliss Cremesheen MAC lipstick and looking like the Queen, when I twisted the lipstick bullet out a teeny, tiny bit too much and pressed a teeny, tiny bit too hard.  I broke my MAC lipstick. I cried right there. Luckily, it fell into my hand and I was able to slightly rectify the situation, but there is the story behind why my lipstick looks a little worse for wear (in terms of MAC lipsticks, because, let’s be honest, everyone looks after them like they’re their babies, right?).

MAC Lipstick edited

3. What has been your favourite summer dress?

Right near the beginning of summer I bought this lovely, white lace swing dress from Select. For just £14, I thought I couldn’t go wrong. However, you have to account for the extra few pounds you’ll have to spend buying nude/white underwear since this is SEE THROUGH. Well, not quite. But, any underwear is very visible so choose wisely. I still love the dress though, it wouldn’t win awards for how flattering it is on any figure bigger than a size 8, but is a beautiful lace and the high neck line is a little bit unusual – it looks great paired with a statement necklace!

Photo taken from Select website

4. What was your favourite summer accessory? 

It’s all about the statement necklace. I began the summer with appoximately ZERO statement necklaces, and now as it draws to a close I own five. Oops?

5. What summer trends were you most excited about this year? 

Again, statement necklaces. I have also loved the beach cover-up/sarong trend, which ties in with the kimono phase I have been in.

6. What was your favourite summer candle?

Despite it being an odd time of year for this, I have really got into candles this summer and am very much looking forward to buying more for winter. I got this big white tin from Primark for £3.50; it’s a three-wick candle smelling of vanilla and coconut. If you haven’t realised from the mention of vanilla twice already, I love vanilla. It’s my absolute favourite scent – I am so not one for fruity smells! I also picked up a couple of the 95p candles from IKEA – they smell even better, come in a cute glass and are such a bargin!

Candle Edited

7. What was your favourite body spray or perfume?  

You may, or may not know, I have been a fan of One Direction since the beginning. I’ve been through all the stages of being a fan, and am a proud owner of 150 posters, all the albums and singles, and right now, I am snuggled under my 1D duvet. I have almost grown out of the stage of buying all their crazy expensive merchandise, but when they released their first perfume, ‘Our Moment’, last year I was mightily impressed. I’m very fussy and, as previously stated, not one for fruity scents but this is something else. It’s a gorgeous blend of pink grapefruit, berries, jasmine petals, frangipani, musk, sheer woods and white patchouli and it is delightful. I am on my third bottle of this beauty and I will continue to repurchase until they release a vanilla perfume.

Our Moment Edited

8. What was the weather like where you live this summer?

Typical British weather – sunny then rain, rain then sun, hail then heatwave etc. We had some lovely weather in July, but August was a bit up and down with the weather. 

9. What was your favourite thing about summer?  

THE SUN. I did so many fun things this summer, my favourite was probably going to Cornwall with one of my closest friends; I just felt so happy that week! I moved and sorted my room this summer and I love the new layout because now I have much more space and a whole section for my make up!

10. Did you have any summer vacation plans?  

Well, kinda just gave it away in the previous question! I stayed in the UK this summer, because I went to Spain with my best friend in February. I visited Cornwall twice, once with my friend and once with my family and both times were lovely!

I’m going to tag anyone who’s reading this and if you do your own post then please send me the link in the comments. Hope all of you who have gone back to school are enjoying it – I’m loving it but I’m so tired already!



3 thoughts on “The Summer Tag!

  1. Haha I know what you mean about treating MAC lipsticks like babies, I’m so careful with mine! Great post, it was really interesting to read :) x


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