Sam’s Picks: The Real Techniques Revelation

Well-known and well-loved among the beauty community, I’m sure these brushes won’t be new to you. Having been raved about among bloggers, Youtubers and friends alike, I decided it was time to get my hands on these bad boys created by the make-up gurus Sam and Nic Chapman.

Now, rewind a few weeks and you’ll see me doing intense research into what brushes I would like from the range. I had seen in the shops, whilst making my other greatly necessary purchases (we’re talking a Rimmel lipstick, Baby Skin Primer and Sleek palette – well hello, 3 for 2 on all Superdrug cosmetics, I will go for that, thank you muchly), I scooted my way to the brush section and ogled at the Real Techniques selection for quite sometime.

In the high-street drugstores (namely Boots and Superdrug), these brushes are sold individually and in sets. Depending on the brush, a single brush ranges from around £6.99 to £13.99 (though just found out they’re surprisingly cheaper on the Real Techniques website!) – not too bad for the great quality! However, I knew I wanted to purchase a few brushes since I really was going back to basics and beginning a new brush collection; this brought me onto the sets. The three sets: the Core Collection, the Eyes Starter Set and Travel Essentials, are all priced around the £20 mark. Considering you get 3-5 good quality brushes, I don’t think this is too unreasonable. I had just one issue. If I spent £60 on all three sets, was I really going to use all 12 brushes?

I left the shop feeling both mournful, for the lack of possessing the brushes, and proud, since it is a rarity for myself to walk away from a purchase, having used my head not my heart when making my decision. Yes, it is as serious a matter as I am making it sound.On my return to my humble abode, I began frantically searching and calculating the best way to get my beloved brushes (my love affair with them had already begun, and to this day it is still going strong). Whilst sourcing the cheapest delivery option from Taiwan, I caught sight of a small image, glowing on my screen.

All Brushes Edited #2

Real Techniques? Check. 6 Brushes? Check. Variety of brushes? Check. £30 with free delivery? CHECK.

‘Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Limited Edition Set’ seemed ideal. The collection included 6 brushes and ranged from a fine gel liner brush to a soft buffing brush. For just £29.99 on Amazon, also available on eBay, to get brushes, on par with ones thrice as much, was a fab deal! So, after my brushes came by FREE DELIVERY, I began to use them at once. And oh goodness, I was impressed.

A bonus of the Real Techniques brushes is that they are made with taklon (synthetic) bristles and therefore are 100% cruelty free and are extra soft. They also are made of aluminium. meaning they are light to hold and to carry around in your make-up bag! Here’s a rundown of the brushes included:

  1. The Buffing Brush 

    “Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation”Buffing Brush Collage

    Shut the front door because I use it for application of liquid foundation! However, the feedback I’ve heard from other bloggers is that they do too – and it works a treat. It is relatively dense, but still soft and applies the foundation evenly. Very occasionally I choose this brush to powder my face. but usually this only happens where I’m not using any foundation and just want to even out my skin tone a little. This is a must-have brush for me and leaves my foundation feeling light and very ‘un-cake-like’ every time.

  2. The Multi Task Brush

     “For effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer”Multi-task Brush Collage

    This does just what it says on the tin. Though I use this mainly for blusher, the application truly is ‘effortless’. I use this brush religiously to apply my blusher, and it always picks up a good amount of product which is then evenly dusted onto my cheeks.

  3. The Pointed Foundation Brush

     “Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage” Pointed Foundation Brush Collage

    Hmm, sorry Sam, but this is where your description just doesn’t seem to fit the brush, or the brush doesn’t fit it. For me, this brush is far too small and streaky to apply foundation, liquid or otherwise. However, I have found that it works well as an under-eye concealer brush – it’s the perfect size. One tip though: since this brush seems to be quite streaky with liquid products, I find it produces a much nicer finish if you use a dabbing motion under your eye as opposed to sweeping the concealer across.

  4. The Setting Brush

     “Complete any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter”Setting Brush Collage

    To be honest with you, this brush doesn’t get a huge amount of use from me. It’s a beautiful soft brush, but personally I prefer a large brush to dust powder and I use a liquid highlighter which I would rather apply with my fingers. Sorry setting brush, I will find a use for you one day!

  5. The (Exclusive) Essential Crease Brush

     “Soft, tapered design for effortless contouring”Crease Brush Collage

    This brush works beautifully to blend darker or complimenting shadows over a lighter base colour from the outer corner and along the eyelid crease. I find that I can use a fair amount of pressure when gliding through the crease towards my inner corner, and this allows the majority of the colour to sit on the outer corner of my eye, but for some to be evenly blended along the crease. I really love this brush for crease work, but I would suggest a slightly denser brush if you want something to apply a whole shadow base.

  6. The Fine Liner Brush

     “Ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner”Fine Liner Brush Collage

    This brush is minuscule. You literally need a magnifying glass to see the tip. This is why it is an absolute dream to apply my gel eye liner with this brush. There’s not much to say about it, other than it works very well and is very thin. The only flaw is that sometimes a couple of the ‘hairs’ go out of place, but this can easily be fixed by ensuring it is put in shape when you’re washing your brushes.

Speaking of washing brushes, these babies wash really well and dry just as soft as when I first bought them. I tend to use a small amount of baby shampoo for my brushes, but let me know if you would be interested in a post about washing brushes?

For me, there is one brush missing from Sam’s favourites, and that would be The Stipling BrushI think if this was added to the collection, it would be absolutely spot on. However, I am very happy with the 6 brushes you get and at such a reasonable price – no complaints here!

Do you have any of these brushes and which brush do you think is an absolute ‘must-have’ from the range?





17 thoughts on “Sam’s Picks: The Real Techniques Revelation

  1. So glad you commented and I’ve come across you! A great post and looking forward to your future ones – good luck! xx


  2. I adore this post! I have real techniques brushes, only the core collection but they’re are unreal! Especially for the price! I did however purchase some.. Erm knockoff (I know, shame on me!) real techniques brushes on eBay from china. 8 euro, free p&p for 5 face brushes and my my my! Absolutely perfect and felt exactly like my real techniques. No shedding and perfect applications! I have the link if you’re ever looking just to have a few extras in your makeup bag in case if emergencies!

    Keep up the good work 😊 you’re post is so in depth, I love it

    Xoxo Amy
    (Ps, my nickname is mimi haha :))


  3. I love this set and completely agree with it missing a stipling brush. I am fortunate I live where they have these brushes everywhere so I immediately bought the pink stipling brush, but thought why they wouldn’t just add it to this set. This was my first set and now I am madly in love with my Real Techniques brushes and need to own all of them. You just can’t beat that price for the quality. Great post! xoxo Janet


    • Yes, that’s definitely the brush that’s missing! I completely agree, the brushes are so good because they are amazing quality that doesn’t break the bank! Thanks for your response x


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